You learn something every day

Yesterday, I learned that if I want to modify a Java String within a function call, and have that modification affect the calling function, I need to use StringBuffers.

Today, I learned:
1) Getting a flu shot feels like getting punched in the upper arm. Hard.

2) You should reconsider certain types of physical activity, such as lifting weights, for several hours after getting a flu shot.

3) Radio stations, especially 104.1 in Madison, suck. I swear I’ve heard the same dozen songs every time I’ve been at the SERF this year. Regardless of the time of day or day of week I go, the same music is on the radio. Pitiful.

4) Do not leave a bicycle outside in freezing rain followed by sub-freezing temperatures if you expect to be able to unlock and/or ride said bicycle. I definitely had to heat the lock up with my hands before I could spin the dial today, and melt the ice off the brakes to be able to use them at all. As they are, they still don’t open (i.e., let go of the tire), they just clamp shut. So now my bike is leaning against my dresser warming up.

I think that’s all I learned today. Hopefully I’ll pick up some other tidbits of knowledge before I fall asleep tonight, since I have an exam at 8am tomorrow morning. Seriously, who (besides Prof. Moo Chung) gives an 8 am exam?