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Edit: sorry for the length. Didn’t realize how much I had written…

Classes are winding up for the year. Had my ECE 270 (Circuits Laboratory I) bench exam last night. Went simmingly. I was out in maybe 25 minutes, having successfully measured the whopping 3 circuit parameters we were looking for, and circling whether the graph got bigger or smaller as I turned the frequency knob. Not a bad lab course overall, just not that challenging. Also finished my project with Dave for ECE 352 (Digital Design Fundamentals), and submitted that this morning. We had our last ECE 230 (Circuit Analysis) lecture with our professor yesterday, since he’s on his way to Seville, Spain, at the moment. Also had our last American Indian Studies 172 discussion this morning with a small group presentation that I think went pretty well. 4 days of class left this semester, plus 4 finals (1 in class instead of it’s 7:45 am timetable slot, fortunately), and that’s it.

The answer to this week’s Engineering trivia question is… the Science Olympiad. A big thanks goes to Jeni for reminding me to look at the question, and another thank you to Polygon, since that’s where I learned the answer. I won a College of Engineering mug or pen (the mug is really cool with the CoE fountain logo on it), that I have yet to pick up due to the aforementioned projects. Condolences to Tim who’ll have to wait for next semester…

I’ve relocated my laptop. See earlier post if you were unaware that I had one. For those who were unaware that it was missing, rest assured it never actually was missing… I had had it with me the whole time, just not where I thought it was.

I’ll be upgrading my laptop soon. After talking to my parents today I might be purchasing my upgraded laptop as soon as tomorrow, or at the latest, next week. Still debating whether I should open it and start playing with it now, or save it for Christmas, since my parents are helping me out a bit with paying for it. Any thoughts?

I am insufficiently coordinated to play air hockey. This was determined last night when Lauren beat me without breaking a sweat. At least I didn’t score as many goals on myself as Tim did his first game. All told the night was great; I went to the Memorial Union to join Jeni, Lauren, and Tim. (I think this paragraph gets an F as a newspaper article. Something about the information pyramid being upside down…)

I found a cool picture of the campus at night, as seen from (I would guess) the Engineering Research Building, while logging into My UW today. Probably everyone else has already seen it, but since I rarely log in, it was new to me, so here it is:

Finally, on the subject of pictures, I stole this one from Lauren, since I never got around to actually asking her to send it to me. Hopefully that’s kosher. The picture is me releasing my entry in the secret contest of approximately November 12. Not sure if this was the first or second such release… first one landed on the 2nd story roof. The egg survived though, and Craig (left, in black) and I tied for second place behind Tim (not pictured), whose ingenuity easily outshone us all. He lowered his egg safely to the ground by a rope made of the trash bag. At any rate, here’s the pic:

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  1. kelsci

    Hmmmm, and that is the way you learn about Newton’s laws, by making parachutes out of bags or something and dropping it off of balconies.


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