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Throughout the semester as I’m taking notes in lecture or discussion, if the professor or TA says something humorous, I try to write the quote down at the top of my page of notes. Unfortunately I usually forget it there and never see it again, but this semester I’ve been coming across these quotes again as I’m studying for finals, and I thought I should share some of them.

Prof. Moo Chung (Stats 311):
“As you can see, computing the probability that [some equation on the board] is less than t is quite difficult. I mean you can write it, and for me it’s easy, but for other people it’s very hard.”

Prof. Sean Teuton (American Indian Studies 172), displaying his amazing arithmetic skills (amazing for an English professor, I suppose):
“[The Zia are] demanding $1 million per year for every year New Mexico continues to use their ancient symbol [on their flag]. So the Zia have this lawsuit, it’s in the millions of dollars now.”

Kevin Piper (AIS 172 Instructor), with a quote that I really hope isn’t true, for the sake of us all:
“A favorite party trick of [English] grad students and professors is to take a novel and say, ‘Everyone thinks this is a romance novel, but I’m going to prove that it’s actually a realistic novel,’ or whatever.”

If I find more quotes as I go through my ECE 352 notes this week, I’ll toss them up here, too. Then maybe over winter break when I go through left over stuff from last year I’ll find my quotes from Prof. Sigurd Angenent, who is by far the funniest professor I’ve ever had, not to mention being an excellent mathematics teacher. I highly recommend him, if you’re going to be taking any Calculus in the future.

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