I can take a hint…

I got back from the Engineering campus this evening to find a letter from my former employer on my desk. The letter read, in essence, “Thanks for applying and interviewing for the network analyst intern position, but we have given the position to an internal candidate.” Now, I don’t take any offense to that, despite the fact that on some level I could be considered an internal candidate. In truth, I had already decided to persue other options after having my on-site interview and learning more detail about the position being offered. BUT, I did find it rather humorous to receive the letter, given that I also received another letter over spring break, dated three days prior to today’s. It read, “Thanks for applying and interviewing for the network analyst intern position. After reviewing your resume, we are unable to offer you consideration at this time. These decisions are difficult, etc…”.

Yeah. I got the hint the first time. You’re not going to offer me the position. Thanks. No need to rub it in.

Interlude from Nate working busily at his Transport Phenomena homework: “Oh Hell No! I am not doing H parts!” That’s what you get for being a Chemical Engineer, my friend.

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