Move-in Phase 2

Well, I’ve been in my new apartment in Seattle for a week, but my stuff only recently caught up with me. (Via 6 boxes from UPS. 6!) As you can see, it’s still a bit of a mess:

All of my cords & electronics that I couldn’t live without. (Ok Jeni, now I’m a bit pathetic)

All this junk is also mine, including the speaker precariously perched on the armrest of the couch, with the sole exception of the No Fear energy drink. That’s my roommate Casey’s.

More pics of the apartment to follow… after I do a bit of cleaning.

Meanwhile, I didn’t get home to make myself a delicious bowl-of-soup-from-a-can supper until 7:45 tonight, because I made a detour through Goodwill on my way home. The mission? Find a desk/work surface that I can a) set up my desktop on, b) build electronics on, c) get for very little money, and d) transport in my rental car. Well, for $25, I found exactly what I needed to fit the bill:

The only catch is, I forgot about requirement (d) until actually trying to fit it in my car. Let’s just say, it technically fit, but merging onto the highways around Seattle with no ability to see out your left back seat window nor the left half of your rear view mirror is Dangerous. DO NOT ATTEMPT. I will be disassembling the desk/counter before donating it back to Goodwill in August.

Check this out, it started at Goodwill the same day I started at Microsoft:

Now for some updates. For real. Just not as much as I promised. Yet.

I posted a bunch of pictures from this past weekend on my new photo gallery site. You should all go check it out, and bookmark the site for future reference. I’ll be putting up a lot more pictures as I find time between setting up computers, work, and hopefully some travel in the near future. (I would have used flickr, but this one gallery = 56MB zipped, and flickr limits you to 20MB / month. Here I’ve got 20GB storage and 1 TB / month bandwidth.)

Alright, that’s it for tonight. Must go to sleep now so I can go in to work early, so I can leave early, so I can catch a movie at a reasonable hour tomorrow night, so my roommate can invite his friend Kate, who must work very early on Friday.