Earliest blog post ever

Going by local (Pacific) time, it’s 5:54am. I haven’t actually bothered to find out if this is a fact or not, but this is my earliest blog post ever. From work. Before 6am.

I dropped my parents off at the airport for their 7am flight home about 30 minutes ago, and just came straight to work, where I plan to sleep for an hour or two on our couch. Driving up to Microsoft from SeaTac Airport was pretty awesome: the sky changed from pitch black to the first colors of sunrise as I was driving.

Work is going very well: I have one more bug to finish up before the end of my internship, and I have been making good progress on it, now that I can actually get the hardware to demonstrate the bug I’m trying to fix. (That was a frustrating 2-week ordeal.) The process of fixing it will take a giant leap forward today, enough to give me credit for the bug on performance numbers, and hopefully by the end of my internship on Friday, it will be all solved!

And now I will sleep, since I got up at 4:15.

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