What was it about that night?

Connection. In an isolating age…

This afternoon on the way home from work I heard Chicago’s 25 or 6 to 4 on the radio, which naturally brought the associated quad/tenors groove to mind. Then I came home and decided on a whim to look through my Bookmarks folder of friends’ blogs and journals, revisiting some places I haven’t been in weeks or months. That was a cool experience in and of itself. And then out of the blue, another tab pops up in Adium, and there’s my fellow drummer and one of those very journal authors, one Joel Liberski.

It had been far too long, but it seems Joel is doing quite well, as the Poetry editor for the UWGB literary journal Sheepshead Review, and a near-future English major graduate. He has a way with words that I have only been able to regard in continued amazement since I first read his writings.

I can’t even believe that over 4 full years separate the present from the last time we were in class together, that it has been 5 since dashing across the practice field to beat the marching band out from behind the school in Joel’s car, 6 from a certain freshman showing up a certain junior on a rudimentary (ha ha) paradiddle lick, and 7 or 8 from a terrified middle schooler listening to an intimidating high schooler tell every one to be quiet because the audience could hear us at the Bay Port percussion night.

It was excellent to talk with him again, and to read a bit of what he’s been up to. Incidentally, he’s published now: UW Green Bay Spring 2006 Sheepshead Review

Thank you, as always, sir.

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