The mouse IS the better mousetrap

I was trying to clean my laptop screen today with my “Klear Screen” cleaning solution (bought two years ago from Scott’s recommendation, works awesome., and I could not seem to polish off this one particular smudge.

Let me back up. The cleaning process is:

  1. Turn off monitor. Well, I didn’t want to shut my laptop down, so I settled for turning off the backlight, leaving the contents of the screen just barely visible.
  2. Spray once for 14″ or less, or twice for above.
  3. Spread solution to corners of monitor with corner of micro-chamois.
  4. Immediately begin polishing off the solution with remaining surface area of micro-chamois.
  5. Once no solution is visible, the monitor is clean.

Use once a week for best results (Hm, I’ve used it about half a dozen times in 2 years…)

So I was stuck in step 4, because I couldn’t seem to polish off this one spot. Upon closer inspection, that spot was my mouse cursor. Oops.