Moblogging… Coming Soon

I realize I’m doing a pretty crappy job of keeping this blog updated lately… sorry! As many of you know, I ended up taking a set of classes this semester with very few exams (i.e., only one midterm + one final per course), but with large projects in all. They’ve been consuming most of my free time, and blog-apathy is my excuse for the rest.

I have, though, been taking pictures over the past couple weeks of stuff that I wanted to post to my blog. I would post a whole bunch here, but I don’t want to be a problem for those with less-than-blazing-fast broadband connections (hi Jeni!), so instead I’ll just post one, and then direct you to my “moblog” gallery (Coming Soon… after I get out of class).

On the topic of moblogging, I just figured out this morning how to send picture messages to my email via my cell phone. I can’t believe I never tried that before! Expect code to be forthcoming this weekend for turning those emails into moblog posts. Then I suspect you will see my blog post frequency increase again.

Anyway, here’s one of the pictures I took recently:

This is why we will have to shut off the fountain soon… it’s icing over 🙁

One thought on “Moblogging… Coming Soon

  1. Paul Betts

    You can actually do one better; if you sign up for Flickr, you can actually post directly to your blog with a cell phone. Basically, you register your blog in Flickr and they create an Email address you send to, then they send off the XMLRPC call to post the entry


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