Things I Learned Today

  1. Metal is very cold when the air is 14 degrees, and an excellent conductor of heat. It will, in fact, suck all the heat out of your hands. This is not safe when you are outside atop a 15′ aluminum tower.
  2. Heat conduction goes both ways. You should never turn on a heater on one side of a piece of metal, and then touch the other side to see if it’s hot. It is. Even if the air outside is only 14 degrees. You’ll still burn some fingerprint right off your finger.
  3. When snow reaches the top of a water spillway which you know to be about a foot deep, stepping in it will result in snow going over the top of your otherwise waterproof boots.
  4. Just because you push water into one end of a hose does not imply that it will come out the other. In fact, it does not imply that it will come out at all. I have, in fact, no idea what happens to it.
  5. The mister nozzle does not work 🙁

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