21 in Review

On second thought, I should not draft a post with that title this late at night. Too much happens in 21 years to condense over a sleep- and C#-fogged brain.

The short story is: I turned 21 on Tuesday. I don’t feel radically different, but it is nice to not have any outdated, age-delimited legal requirements in the way of life any more. Thanks a bunch to those friends who took me out Tuesday night! I owe you all one 🙂 If you’re not up to anything else, how does Saturday sound? Dave- you’re sticking around ’til Sunday, right? Oh, and btw, do you read this blog? lol

A good night to all… I’ll try to post some sort of inspirational 21-year review tomorrow, but given the amount of work & meetings I have scheduled, that might not work out… I’ll do my best.

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