Kaisa Comes to California

My sister came to visit me in California! 😀

Highlights of the trip thus far

  • Her flight from GRB->MSP was delayed nearly 2 hours due to weather in Minneapolis, but there was no way she could have missed her connecting flight: She got off the plane, read the monitor to find her next gate, turned around and got back on it 🙂 Pretty sweet coincidence!
  • Dennys for supper at 9pm. I don’t know my own city to know where else to go!
  • Jason & I still had to work an 8 hr day today, so Kaisa was on her own at our apartment. She accomplished much:
    • Finished a book for AP English
    • Cleaned my bathroom, which was, and I quote, “gross.”
      ::hangs head in shame:: Thanks for cleaning up for me, Kaisa! Love you!
  • Salsa Chicken, made from scratch according to secret recipe found at the first hit here passed down from generation to generation in our family since 2007. It’s actually quite good, despite being ridiculously simple to make, and me forgetting to put the cheese on top this time.
  • She has to post responses to every chapter of the book she read on her teacher’s blog. Yuck… I took a nap while she borrowed my laptop 🙂
  • Going to San Francisco tomorrow!