Monthly Archives: September 2007

3pm: Passed out on couch. Please do not rouse until tomorrow.


Excellent chicken parmesan with Stef & Dave
Homework during day, Halo 3 launch at midnight. Played until 7am
Sleep 7am to 10am, class 11am to 3pm, short nap, Enlight meeting, 4 more hours of Halo, 2 hrs of Algorithms homework
Sleep 2am to ?, class, compilers HW, make a calendar merging program to display my life on the web: my calendar, Algorithms HW 3:30p-5:30p, supper, Algorithms HW 6:30p-3:45a.
Sleep 4a-8a, Algorithms HW 8a-11a, class, Algorithms HW 12p-1p, class, handin (!) Algorithms HW, Google tech talk, Grab sub on the way to work on compiler project, Hang out w/ Dave & Stef (thank heavens, or i’d have gone insane), then do DSP HW 11p-3a
Sleep 3a-9a, Dave wakes me up cuz i told him i wanted to go to the prof’s OH, do that, finish 431 assignment by class at 11, then finish compiler project 12-1:30p, another Google tech talk, Write blog post, Pass out.


Badgers vs Hawkeyes


We snuck out a victory… Good thing, too, because the Outback blimp would have been pretty disappointed to fly all the way up here for that lousy first half…

Broken Fridge

Broken Fridge.jpg

Not quite what we were looking to come back to after the football game… thank heavens we still had our mini fridge sitting here, or this would be a rather unfun week.


I’ve finally decided to change themes on this here blog. I’m now using a theme called “Redoable”, by Dean J Robinson.

I like it better than the last theme I had, though this one seems to be fighting with some of my plugins, such as the syntax highlighter and SmartBox, so it needs some tweaking or something. It’s also a bit heavier than my last theme, so I’m still evaluating that as well.

Thoughts, ideas, comments in general?

Did that ref just say "disconcerting"?

Subtitled: Is disconcerting even in the vocabulary of the average NCAA viewer?

Apparently it ought to be, since it truly is the rule:
From Rule 7-1-5-a-3 (pg 98): [Note: 1.6M PDF]

No player shall use words or signals that disconcert opponents when they are preparing to put the ball in play. No player may call defensive signals that simulate the sound or cadence of (or otherwise interfere with) offensive starting signals. An official shall sound his whistle immediately.

Learning to Read…

(Walk to class)
(Sit down, open laptop)
(Watch and smile as automatic location detection by MarcoPolo determines that you’re now on Campus, and calls your PERL script to automatically authenticate with the captive portal)
(Smile more as Adium establishes connections and brings your IM online. The script worked!)
(Pull up calendar, news reader, and SVN repo config page)
(Grab notebook from backpack absently)
(Create a new repo to start storing your home directory in: long past due to back up some things)

Anonymous classmate: “Do you think this was the lecture he said was canceled?”

(Look up, confused. There are 3 minutes to class time, and only maybe 10-12 people in the room, instead of 50ish)

All: “What?”


(Pull up course homepage, note news item: “Reminder: There will be no class tomorrow, September 13.”)

(sad face)

(inform the next 6 people who walk into the room of the news… chuckle over collective mistake)

(go home early 🙂 )