Snow in Seattle is a Big Deal

On Tuesday there were light flurries, which was enough to freak most Washington natives out for some reason:

Tuesday: Just a DustingTuesday: It Barely Colors the Trees

That didn’t make much sense to me.  So I went to work, and again on Wednesday.

Then I woke up this morning (Thursday) to the following:

Thursday: Holy SnowSnowy Parking LotThe Truck Only Made it This Far

You’ll note that the truck in red is stuck.  Blocking half the exit to my parking lot.  Of course, there was only one thing to do:

Build a Snowman!

Build a snowman!  And then, of course, listen for interesting sounds of stranded vehicles.  Who would have thought to catch this one so early?

Neither Rain, Nor Hail, Nor Sleet, Nor Snow...

That’s right.  “Neither rain, nor hail, nor sleet, nor snow…”  Not to fear, a rescue operation soon ensued, involving a special courier delivery of a spiffy set of tire chains and two grunts to shove the truck out of the rut after wrestling the chains on:

Tire chains to the rescueJust Give it a PushAnd We're Back in Business

Don’t worry, he made it.  Oh, and the snowman?  He was buried by 3:30PM…

Away he goes sporting hot new tire chainsBy 3:30PM the snowman was buried.

Yeah.  I think I’ll work from home today.  Did I mention that the entire King County only owns 27 snow plows and 15 dump trucks for over 2100 miles of road?  Compare that to Dane County, WI, which employs 58 plows for county and state highways alone.  Oh, and that’s not counting the “170 pieces of equipment” used by the city of Madison…

Obviously very different in terms of yearly snowfall, but still.  Can you blame me for staying home?

2 thoughts on “Snow in Seattle is a Big Deal

  1. Jon E

    Nope, the snow looks like fun!

    Here we’ve hit the rainy season. Been mid-high 40’s all week and raining. We’ve had the occasional nice day but even then it only gets up to the mid 50’s.

    Of course people in CA can’t drive in rain. You know how during the first snowfall back home you’d end up with all sorts of minor fender benders and a few cars off the road? People do that here with 2 inches of rain.

  2. Justin Beck

    Colin, that is some pretty neat stuff, we’ve all been talking about you in seattle with your snow. We’ve gotten a boat load of snow here, which is awesome. but I am sure your having more fun. yes tire chains in Washington are a good investment. I learned this on my crazy winter drive east on hwy 90 when I was out there for an interview. Have fun!



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