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Halloween Castle

They decorated the American Airlines castle at Seattle’s gate A9 with some ghosts for Halloween. A little cheesy but I needed something to post for the start of my trip. I’m flying through the haunted castle!!! 🙂

Who says timezones can't be fun?

I’ve had to get involved with timezones and daylight savings time rules at work recently, while another coworker who usually handles them was out on vacation. It’s a really interesting thing to work on given how most people take it entirely for granted that their computer “knows what time it is.” Take my word for it, a lot of work goes into that particular piece of magic, and it’s very detail-oriented work because you really don’t want to get that wrong.

Anyway, as detail-oriented as it may be, timezones can also be quite interesting. I enjoyed this article about some of the historical anecdotes around timezones.

Tip of the Week:

I was talking to some coworkers this week and found out that more people need to be aware of this website, so here you go. is the only place you need to go to shop for any sort of audio or video cable, and many computer cables as well. It’s also the place to go for adapters, splitters, A/V switches, etc. I’ve shopped there a number of times and have always gotten good quality products at extremely good prices. The only reason not to buy there is if you can’t afford to wait for shipping.

Here’s a quick example for an 8-foot HDMI cable, since I just saw this ad in the newspaper this morning…

Cable Price “Premium” 8′ HDMI cable $9.60 “standard” 8′ HDMI cable $4.02
Best Buy ‘Rocketfish’ 8′ HDMI cable hdmi



Went to Oktoberfest in Leavenworth last weekend, and just now realized that I never actually uploaded this post. Oops!

Jon, Evette, Alex, Erik, and I made the trek put to Leavenworth to partake in some slightly overblown “Bavarian” atmosphere which nevertheless included some great beer and good times :-). I’m not going to call it an “authentic experience” by any definition of the word, but the strudel, beer, and especially company were a great way to spend a Saturday. Thanks for driving, Jon!

Photos below…

Alex and Erik in the Vue

Alex with his new camera


and a crazy Viking headpiece with at least four empty cups and counting.