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Tip of the Week:

I was talking to some coworkers this week and found out that more people need to be aware of this website, so here you go. is the only place you need to go to shop for any sort of audio or video cable, and many computer cables as well. It’s also the place to go for adapters, splitters, A/V switches, etc. I’ve shopped there a number of times and have always gotten good quality products at extremely good prices. The only reason not to buy there is if you can’t afford to wait for shipping.

Here’s a quick example for an 8-foot HDMI cable, since I just saw this ad in the newspaper this morning…

Cable Price “Premium” 8′ HDMI cable $9.60 “standard” 8′ HDMI cable $4.02
Best Buy ‘Rocketfish’ 8′ HDMI cable hdmi