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So Jared and I were going through some old SNES games this afternoon for something to do between me getting my ass kicked yet again in racquetball and supper. We found Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles In Time. We were looking for one of the old school cooperative fighting games like Final Fight or Double Dragon, and thought maybe TMNT would fit the bill. So we fire it up. The title graphic looks awfully familiar:

We pick out 2 player mode, give ourselves a couple extra lives for the first run through, and start the game. As soon as the character selection screen appears, little lights start flashing in my head; this is looking very, very familiar. The opening/intro movie starts running, and Jared and I are both like “holy crap! We have played this game!”

It was a really surreal experience. I really have no memory of playing TMNT 4, but as soon as we started, I knew I had played it before. The game came out in 1992, which would put me at 6 years old, or roughly kindergarten. Since I don’t really have many concrete memories of kindergarten either, I guess that makes sense. But wow, what a weird/cool feeling to rediscover something that you once knew, but so long ago that you only know that you knew it… you don’t actually remember it at all.

Here’s the final boss, Shredder himself, to jar the memories of anyone else who might have once played the game. We beat him in 30 minutes, 25 seconds today, using somewhere around 5 continues.

5 thoughts on “T.M.N.T.

  1. Jon

    Turtles in Time was the classic fighting game on the SNES. I can’t believe you weren’t sure you played it. I thought everyone had :P. It’s also one of the easier games to finish (but still fun!). Now go beat Contra for NES in one sitting without save states! I don’t think I’ve ever finished the game, I’d be up for trying it sometime.

  2. Colin M

    You have to remember Jon, I was only 6 when that game came out. You were like 10… I missed out on much of the early video gaming era because I wasn’t old enough. 🙁

  3. Jon

    You’re making me feel old. I couldn’t have been THAT young back in the day.

    Then again I got a Super Nintendo for Christmas the first year they were out, I also got a Genesis that year as well. Still we had a Nintendo for a few years before that, so I think I was playing games since I was 6! I remember gettng Nintendo Power back in 3rd and 4th grade, and at that time we had the NES for a year or two. Looking up the SNES on Wikipedia has it coming out in 1991. That was 15 years ago, that means I got a SNES when I was 8. I guess that makes you about 4 Colin, which would explain why you missed all the great SNES classics.

    Apparently, the only person I know who played the old classic games is my Thesis Advisor. Everyone I know is to young or just didn’t game at that time.

  4. Jeramey

    Who can claim they didn’t play video games at that young of an age? Everyone I grew up with practically lived on them. We would fly through Nintendo Power and Electronic Gaming Monthly like little kids in a candy shop (come to think of it we were).

  5. Jon

    Yumm, Electronic candy…

    Anyone want to get together and play some classic games during finals? I can’t study 24×7, plus I have both MacGyver movies!

    Also just to increase my nerdyness I was using Redhat 5 back in the day. That means I was using Linux back when I was about 14, way before Linux was “cool”. Geeky huh?


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