At Lauren’s behest, I am updating my blog.

Expect (a lot) more later. Wifi is pretty scarce around Crater Lake, and you have to drive like 30 miles to get back in cellular range.

Since I guess I haven’t posted anything this side of normal life in Green Bay, I’ll summarize briefly where I’ve been for the last week:

  • Friday, May 19: Green Bay, WI -> Madison, WI
  • Saturday, May 20: Madison, WI -> Rapid City, SD
  • Sunday, May 21: Rapid City, SD -> Missoula, MT
  • Monday, May 22: Missoula, MT -> Seattle, WA
  • Tuesday, May 23: Seattle, WA -> Aberdeen, WA -> Central Point, OR
  • Wednesday, May 24: Central Point, OR and Medford, OR
  • Thursday, May 25: Central Point, OR -> Crater Lake National Park -> hiking around Plymouth & Klamath counties -> Crater Lake National Park
  • Friday, May 26: Crater Lake National Park -> Medford, OR -> Crater Lake National Park -> ?

I’m at the library in Medford right now, but I have to leave pretty soon because Jeni’s done with work in an hour and a half (which is how long it will take me to get back to Crater Lake).

I promise I’ll update later, and even go back and find all the other things I promised to post that I never did so Jeni doesn’t have to complain any more. I have a bunch of pictures from here & other trips that I haven’t posted, so I guess the moral is: stay tuned.

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