Why I own an iPod

Subtitled: Why WIXX Sucks.

I was in the bank today picking up my passport from the safe deposit box. Natasha Bedingfield’s “Unwritten” came on the radio, which reminded me of why I hate the radio.

Last night I drove to Bay Port to watch the musical, and I thought “well, let’s see if there’s anything new on the radio, since I don’t have one at school and never really listen to one except Z104 in the weight room.” Bad call. Nothing new on the way to the musical. As I turned the car off in the parking lot, “Unwritten” was playing. I went to the musical, talked to people after a little bit, and then I came back out to my car again to drive home. I turn the key, the radio comes on, and damn if it isn’t “Unwritten” again, as if the radio just paused while I was inside. Talk about rediculous.

Let’s get more than a single CD’s worth of songs per radio station, PLEASE!

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