Up Waaaay too late

So I didn’t go to bed until 4:45 last night/this morning. Oops. I guess I decided I needed a bit of a break now that I’m finally back to my apartment (as of 8pm tonight). I’m surprised how long I’ve made it without crashing today on 3:45 of sleep.

This was the scene yesterday when I went back in to campus to work with my CS 537 partner Ben. It’s somewhat hard to tell from the photo, but straight above me is your average early-evening-with-cloud-cover gray. Down the street at the bottom of the photo (downtown Madison), it’s pitch black. Very impressive-looking storm, though we didn’t really get anything at all out of it. One crack of thunder and a couple sprinkles.

They’re taking down the last construction crane outside Mechanical Engineering today. I can’t remember the sky over Engineering without cranes.

“One last refrain… before the sun sets.”

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