The Capitol of Nebraska

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End of Day 1: Jeni and I made it to Lincoln, Nebraska around 7:30 pm. Had supper at Culvers and then checked out the Capitol in downtown Lincoln. It was really interesting architecturally, it felt kindof like a temple or something. Then at night I started working on a new WordPress gadget that I’ve called LiveTrip. You can see an early prototype at the link at the top of this page. The goal is to extend the Postie plugin that I use to send blog posts, like this one, from my phone. I want to add geotagging abilities to it, so that when I post a blog entry, if I include the name of the city in the post, a pushpin will be automatically added to the Google map. The second idea is to also allow me to send just a pushpin, so that I can build a “live” map of our progress during this roadtrip. Should be cool when it works. As of today, all you get is a pushpin of my house, but now that I got the map showing a GeoRSS feed, I should be able to make it dynamic soon.
Stay tuned!

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