HowTo: Merge Google Calendars Together

Here’s a quick How-To on merging two Google Calendars together, since Googling with the obvious phrases did not get me very useful results.

The Problem: Merge Two (or more) Google Calendars Into One

Let’s suppose that you, like me, have more than one calendar in your Google Calendar, and decide at some point that you want to condense those into one. I was struggling to find a single click solution for this, and then just to find any solution, for quite a while. Then I stumbled on the “Import” feature, and realized that it actually solves all my problems. Here’s how it works.

The Solution: Import one Calendar into the other

Once you see how to do it, it’s a quick task to merge two calendars together. In fact, you can even use this to merge a Google calendar from one account into another.

  1. Log in to your Google Calendar account, and click on the drop-down menu next to your Source calendar. Pick “Calendar Settings” from the list:
    Calendar Settings
  2. Now, scroll down to the bottom and find the Private ICAL address link. Right click on this link and save the file to your Desktop (or other handy temporary location):
    Private ICAL Link
  3. Next, return to your calendar and click on the “Add” dropdown menu at the top of your calendar list, then click Import Calendar:
    Import Calendar
  4. Select the file you just saved from your Source calendar, and choose the Destination calendar you want to import into:
    Import Form
    Then click Import, and you will soon be greeted with the cheery success message:
    Successful Import
  5. And that’s it! Here’s a before-and-after of me combining two calendars to show that it works. (Take a look at Tues, February 12, for example.):

160 thoughts on “HowTo: Merge Google Calendars Together

  1. PDonaghy

    Thanks for this excellent little tutorial. It works a treat!! Just what I was looking for 🙂
    Also discovered that you can embed several calendars into the one view without having to merge them. This embedding method also retains the original colours of each calendar!!

    1. laura

      how do you do that? I want to have my calendars automatically update upon new events and this option won’t do that as you have to upload the document every time to update the events. You mentioned “embedding” retains the original colors. How do you do it?

  2. Colin M Post author

    Save the calendar as an ical calendar file (.ics extension). you can choose any file name that you like, but you will need to remember it and be able to locate it again for step 4.

    If that’s still confusing/not working, try this: right click on the ICAL link, and select “Save As…”. (you may see “Save Link As” or “Save Target As”, those are good too). When the file chooser appears, press the “Up Folder” icon (A folder with an arrow going left and up on it, located near the top of the file chooser window) many times until you reach your Desktop. Now, enter a name, such as “calendar1.ics”. Then follow the steps until Step 4. When you click on “Browse…”, repeat the same procedure: click the “Up Folder” icon many times to reach your desktop, and then select the file you just created, “calendar1.ics”.

    1. mara

      Hi. Thanks for this, but I can’t find the “add” button on my calendar at all. Where exactly is it? I’m looking at the new calendar I want to import my old calendar into, and under the “My Calendars” tab there’s only “create new calendar” and “settings,” not an add button. Maybe things have changed since you wrote this post?

  3. Colin M Post author

    I suggest using IMAP to merge gmail accounts. (And thanks, by the way, for reading and posting!)

    If you’re looking to do what I think you are looking to do: copy all mail from an old_account into a new_account, then here is what I would recommend, based on what has worked well for me.

    Enable IMAP access to both accounts by logging in, then clicking on Settings->”Forwarding and POP/IMAP”->”Enable IMAP”. Then click [Save Changes] and wait for some time so that Google can enable the IMAP service. (This took about 15 minutes for me… YMMV)

    Now, add both accounts as IMAP accounts to a local mail program, such as Mozilla Thunderbird. The settings you will need are, in brief:

    IMAP server:
    Port: 993
    Use SSL.

    Once you have added both accounts to your local mail program, simply drag the messages you want to migrate from the old_account to the new_account, in the appropriate folders. This will take some time, as all the messages will be first downloaded to your PC, then uploaded again, but is well worth the wait, because everything (dates, sent addresses, etc) is preserved correctly.

    A few notes:

    You can automatically label all messages that you are transferring in this way by creating a new folder in the new_account’s IMAP section, and dragging the messages to that instead of the Inbox. The name you give the folder will appear as a label back in GMail.

    You can find the “Sent” folder under the special IMAP folder: [Gmail]/Sent Mail

    Good luck! And let me know if any of this is unclearly written; I will try to better explain.

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  5. JC

    Discovered this while searching: merge google calendars

    This is a great tip. Nicely written and nicely done. Thankyou for taking the time to share.


  6. Dawn

    THANKS SO MUCH!!! I was using the unregistered version of Rainlendar (which I LOVE) to have a calendar on my desktop. Now Calgoo calendar is FREE! But, it only lets you sync 1 calendar with Outlook. And I have to sync Google with Outlook in order for my smartphone to get the info. (Yes, I *COULD* go online and see the Google Calendar with my smartphone, but I want the items in my Today screen)
    Thank you again for the instructions…..IMPORT……how obvious is that?????? Obviously not very, because I (and many others) had to do a search and end up here to find out how!!!

  7. DJB

    As many have said, found this while search “merge google calendar” Thanks for clear answer and taking the time, was very helpful – (also, love the header photo – very zen).

  8. Rajtastic

    Great – I found this searching for ‘merge google calendars’ too.

    One question though – will I need to keep on doing this to keep it up to date?



  9. Colin M Post author


    Yes, if you are making changes to the source calendar(s), you will need to keep doing this if you want your destination calendar to remain updated. Exporting & Importing the calendar(s) like this is a “one-time” synchronization: you copy a snapshot of all the events on the source calendar into the destination calendar one time only.

    If you want to see many calendars in one “view”, you can always add each calendar to your Google Calendar page, but unfortunately I do not personally know of any way to merge them into a single calendar with live synchronization at this point.

    Thanks for reading!

  10. PJ

    Ive just followed the instructions but at the end of the process I get thefollowing error message…

    Please help? 🙁

  11. PJ

    (Block quote doesnt seem to work! 😉

    error message was…

    Processed 47 events.

    Successfully imported 22 events.

    Failed to import events: Could not upload your events because you do not have sufficient access on the target calendar..

  12. ray

    It works but it does not remove duplicates. eg. Merging two or more holiday calendars. Common holidays such as Christmas, New Year’s Day, Easter, etc. will not merge together to leave one.

  13. ak_ranger

    If you get an error like this:

    Could not upload your events because you do not have sufficient access on the target calendar..

    The problem is being caused by your primary calendar already having items in it. You must first wipe out your primary calendar before adding the *.ics file.

    1) Save a backup copy of your primary calendar as an *.ics file using the process described here.
    NOTE: Be sure you right-click on the Private iCal link. If you try to save the public file, all you’ll get is a hypertext link.

    2) Go to “Settings : Calendars” and delete your primary calendar. A pop-up box will appear warning you that you are about to delete everything in your primary calendar…that’s fine. Your calendar isn’t going anywhere, you’re just deleting its contents.

    3) Import your new calendar using the process described in the above blog post, adding the *.ics file to your primary calendar

    Worked for me … 145 events successful, and no jibberjabber about not having enough access.

    Good luck!

  14. bruno

    [Colin says: These directions should not be necessary in ordinary circumstances, but if you do run into this case, give them a try and let us know if they worked for you!]

    it seems you cannot merge a calendar into a non-empty main calendar (your 1st one, the one you cannot delete)
    BUT you can merge any calendar into any (non-empty) secondary calendar AND/OR merge a calendar into your EMPTY main calendar.

    So, you got it ?
    What you have to do is:

    1/ export calendars
    2/ delete all events in main calendar
    3/ create a new “test” calendar
    4/ import calendar 1 into “test”
    5/ import calendar 2 (3, 4, 5, …) into “test” (merging)
    6/ export calendars
    7/ import “test” into main calendar
    8/ delete “test”

    That’s all folks !

    Wish Google guys work on that issue !

    1. Colin M Post author

      @bruno – After seeing your comment, I tested these directions again this morning to be sure they still worked. Other than the Add button moving to the bottom of the list instead of on top, everything is still the same. You should not have to delete events from the destination calendar before importing. If you find that this is isn’t working, I would check the sharing permissions on your main calendar.

  15. Yvette

    I just did this
    But I lost my colours – which was the main reason I made up separate calendars – any reason why?

  16. Deeyan

    Thanks so much! The only directions I’ve ever found and perfect!
    BTW, if you do this with a public calendar, such as Religious Holidays, then you can edit to remove any unwanted ones or rename, etc.

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  18. Joe

    What I have tried to do is set up notifications for my “Contacts Birthdays” Calendar…. however I do not have a private link to subscribe to it in the other calendar. Got any advice? I desperately need notifications for my Birthdays, that is the main thing I need to remember!

  19. Syb

    I have tried to post this question on the Help Forum in Google Calendar but have no replies. Just wonder if the experts here know how to have the words of the events of the calendar appear as “wrapped text” when printed in 2-weeks view or monthly view. I only have the two first words of each item and sometimes I cannot guess what’s afterwards. I’m sure other people must have raised this question before, as it is such an important feature in printing google calendar.

    Thanks for your help,

  20. Lazarus Parker

    Thank you if have any more tips like this please continue the good wk. I’m having trouble understanding google voice once again Thanks Lp3

  21. Rob

    Thank you so much for taking the time to share this information in such an understandable way. You answered my questions before I had the chance to ask them!

  22. Kalvin

    Ok, I have a second google calendar for mutual events for a friend and myself, and I want that second calendar to appear in my iphone. My first calendar events save in my iphone calendar, but the events in the second calendar don’t sync with my phone. They do sync with my personal calendar in google. I want this to by a live sync between the two calendar so when she updates events in the mutual calendar, they sync with iphone calendar. I have my main google calendar synched via exchange.

  23. Jackie

    I’m having lots of trouble doing this…I’m getting the following error:

    Processed 540 events.

    Successfully imported 16 events.

    Failed to import events: Could not upload your events because you do not have sufficient access on the target calendar..

    I have one calendar under one gmail address & one calendar under another gmail address & I am the originator of them both but it’s not working. 🙁 Please help ~ any suggestions would be appreciated! TIA

  24. James

    How do I maintain the integrated calendar in sync with the separate ones that comprise it? I.e., one Master calendar, then various sub-calendars that serve as components of the master calendar.

  25. Colin M Post author

    @Kalvin: You can sync multiple calendars to your iPod Touch or iPhone using the Google Sync application. Find more details (including setup directions and how to choose which calendars to sync) at Google’s site on syncing your iPhone with Google Sync

    @James: This method is unfortunately a one-time only process. It is the equivalent of copying & pasting all of your calendar items from the source calendar to the destination calendar, rather than setting up a master calendar / sub-calendar type of relationship. You may be able to get the effect you want with some 3rd party tools (e.g., you could add all of your private ICAL feeds to some 3rd party calendar app, and then publish the combined calendar from that app back to the web, and then add it as a shared calendar in Google Calendar.) However, I am not familiar with which applications may actually have this support. Good luck, and please let us know if you find a solution that works!

  26. Pietro

    Can you now if exist an automatic setting to merge more calendar into my calendar?
    The procedure import describe don’t import the change after the importing.
    My regards

  27. James

    I also get
    Failed to import events: Could not upload your events because you do not have sufficient access on the target calendar.

    I find myself wanting to shout at google “it’s my ***ing calendar, of course I have access”. Yet another example of how appauling google calendar is – meaningless unhelpful error messages. Getting data into google calendar feels like some kind of “dark art”. Shame it is nowhere near as reliable or easy to use as google mail.

  28. Erika

    Is there a way to sync the different google calendars, but keep them in their separate colors? I followed your instructions (thanks!) and synced my three calendars, but now they’re all in the same color and it’s hard to tell apart my work calendar vs., for example, my appointments calendar.

    Any advice? Thanks!

  29. Adrienne

    Thank you so much. Had trouble the first time since it saved it as a document scrap, just pasted in the url and it worked. It all comes in on my droid now with out a problem.

  30. Doug

    For all those who are getting the response of…
    – “Failed to import events: Could not upload your events because you do not have sufficient access on the target calendar.”

    I figured out that this only seems to happen to me when I’m trying to import a calendar that has it’s timezone and location set to something different than My Main/Target Calendar.
    ie My main Calendar is set to Eastern Time – Toronto while the default setting on many of my calendars is in the USA…

    Try changing your time zone to match your original calendar, or your local destination otherwise, eliminate the timezone and location for the calendar.

    This worked for one or two of my calendars. It didn’t work for every one but if you’re lucky it might help you on the bigger calendars that you don’t want to copy every event indivually from…

    Good Luck!!

  31. brad chase

    Make sure you use the private calender address below the public calender:

    Here is some information on the feed processing error:
    If you receive a ‘Feed Processing Error’ message when exporting events, please make sure you’re using your calendar’s private iCalendar address (‘Private Address’). You can only use your calendar’s public iCalendar address (‘Calendar Address’) to export events when your calendar is publicly shared. Learn how to share your calendar with others.

    This worked for me. Thank you!

  32. Chris

    I found a fix for “Failed to import events: ……” on google groups that works perfectly:

    it seems you cannot merge a calendar into a non-empty main calendar (your 1st one, the one you cannot delete) but you can merge any calendar into a secondary calendar AND/OR merge a calendar into your EMPTY main calendar.

    What you have to do is:

    1/ export calendars
    2/ delete all events in main calendar
    3/ create a new “test” calendar
    4/ import calendar 1 into “test”
    5/ import calendar 2 (3, 4, 5, …) into “test” (merging)
    6/ export calendars
    7/ import “test” into main calendar
    8/ delete “test”

  33. jimr

    I also got an unhappy response. Any ideas?

    Failed to import events: Could not upload your events because you do not have sufficient access on the target calendar..

  34. Erin

    Works well for a 1 time import. Does anyone know of a way to have events updated after the initial import?

  35. Betty

    I have a solution! So first you go to your “google calendar’s main homepage” and it should show your list of calendars. Next click “export calendars” and you should download a .zip file with all of your calendars. Extract it out. And go back and “Import Calendars” the one you want to merge and TA-DA!

  36. Benjamin Turner

    Hey, the easiest way is to sync your calenders, simply add the contact of the second g-mail account to the first one.

    Log into gmail, and then click calender,
    then on the left hand side menu, you can click add,
    type in the username of the other account.

    You will get an e-mail, when you confirm it, those calenders will be merged.

    very nice.

  37. Saf

    Thanks! Exactly what I needed (including the ridiculously clear instructions 🙂 ) and it’s worked nicely. Saved me a lot of hard work!

  38. Lasse

    to those who cant import calendars at all. possible SOLUTION: i forgot to unzip the folder with my downloaded .ics calendar files. DO that, and you’ll not be as stupid as me..

  39. Anonymous

    It worked! I had to merge five calendars into another sixth one, so this was immensely useful. Thank you very much.

  40. Edwin


    Will it sync all the time or only by hand each time ???

    Would be great to merge my calender and my wife’s calender to only one ! So we can see alle the appointments to sync, so 2 calenders look the same ans sync 100% all the time.

    This way she can use her own mail in active sync (windows mobile)

    Can anybody help ?

    Thanks in advance


  41. Birdie

    I’m wondering if you know a way to have a ‘group calendar’ add entries automatically to a ‘personal calendar’
    ie. our group needs to add dates that the whole group has access to but it seems that then we each have to look at the ‘group calendar’ separately to our own ‘personal calendar’ which is a bit of a hassle.

    Thanks in advance whether or not you have a solution.

  42. kongo09


    Unfortunately, in practice this is pretty limited by the fact that Google calendar is very buggy. When I export one of my calendards as described above, I get a 3.6 MB ics file. When I then try to import that into another (empty) calendar, it simply stops after a while with a box that says “import cancelled”.

    But of course its not really a cancellation but an import of SOME of the events. With such a large calendar, its not possible for me to say which ones are missing, but when I export the new calendar, I get a file of only 3.4 MB size. So 200kb worth of data is gone with not indication of what that might be and how to solve the problem.

    Overall, I would never entrust Google calendar any corporate or mission critical information. And I gave up the attempt to merge my calendars.

  43. V Frustrated

    When I carried out all of the actions to merge a number of calendars into one it stated that I had processed zero events. If I can see one calendar with different events in different colours have I merged them together already and if this is the case how can I find out the embed code. Your advise has been excellent so far. Thank you very much

  44. mark

    Worked perfect thank you.

    Took me a few reads to understand that the source calender was the calender to have data taken from and the destination calender was the one to be kept. Yes I know, how dumb of me.

    Anyway, import circa 300 events without problem.

  45. z

    Worked great for me. THANKS!!!!!!!!!
    En français c’était : Importer l’agenda Exporter les agendas
    Faut dézipper le fichier ical créé.

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  47. Lisa

    I followed your instructions but when I got to #3 where it says to click “add”, then Import Calendar, I don’t get an option to import. The only option I have is to create new calendar! Am I looking in the wrong place, is there another “add” somewhere hidden on the page? I’m looking under My Calendars where it lists the name of my calendar with Tasks directly under the calendar name. The 2 options I have there is Add and Settings.

  48. Dennis The Tiger

    Greetings. I’m a top contributor at the Google Help Forum.

    To note, the instructions have changed slightly. The pull-down is no longer at the top of the calendars list, it is at the bottom of Other Calendars. You can also find the import feature inside of My Calendars -> Settings.

    Other than that, the instructions are the same.

  49. Jeramiah H

    Hey, I’m checking this site out for obvious reasons. However, out of curiosity I check what kind of error was being thrown by my browser, since it’s saying there is one.

    This page is 3 years old so I don’t know if the author reads the comments but I was getting similar errors on a page I worked on a little while ago. I spent days trying to figure out different ways to load the script and etc. but my lightbox would just not work! I was trying to use one based on prototype. Apparently, if you use jQuery and Prototype together they clash pretty bad. It has to be one or the other. There is a jQuery lightbox which works great that fixed this error for me.


  50. Damian

    Problem is IT DOES NOT AUTOMATICALLY UPDATE if you make changes to any of the other calendars!!!!

    You have to go through the process over and over to keep things up to date if you’ve made changes.

    Any comments, suggestions on that?!

  51. Melanie

    Terrific instructions! I was planning to move all of my events over manually, and at the last minute figured “Ah, what the heck… Why not try Googling to see if there’s a way to merge two calendars?” Thanks for such a simple, straightforward how-to (even with the updated Google Calendars interface). Saved me a ton of time!

  52. stefaaaan


    But is there a way for a HTML-calendar?
    I can’t export (to ical format) my 2th calendar because it’s a html calendar..

  53. Sarah

    “Google Calendar has a new look!” so it’s impossible to follow these directions are outdated, unfortunately.

  54. Mat Morrison

    Thanks for this… simple, and (contrary to previous comments) still works (Sarah – you may need to look at the *bottom* of the calendar list for the “add” button)

  55. Terry

    I keep getting this error message after following all the steps: Failed to import events: Unable to process your iCal/CSV file..

  56. BC

    Thank you–I just had to trust that the basic.ics file in the download folder was in fact my precious calendar.

  57. Chris

    If you have more that one calendar in your acount, then click on the “name” of the calendars that you want to show. All the calendars that are highlighted will be showing their schedules.

    It’s works like an on/off button.

  58. Admin

    Thanks this worked great – Google should hire you for answering what they appear to have been unwilling to answer in such a simple and straight forward manner. 🙂

  59. Sarah

    Thank you! Is this a one time import, or after this is done, and you update one calendar, will it automatically update the other. Thanks in advance!

  60. Marius

    The “set-and-forget solution to the problem: by Alessandro” did not work well for me as it would just add all the calendars records as an RSS feed into one day.

    But this on-line calendar: joins iCal feeds into one calendar that can then be shared, so I would see this as the best “set-and-forget solution”. It might be a bit twitchy with old Google calendar records that were imported from “Nokia OVI suite”, but after a cleanup it seems to be doing a decent job. Outlook sees hipcal feed without a glitch. A slight drawback could be the fact that hipcal syncs its feed once every 24 hours, but I can live with hat…

  61. Margaret

    This is “the” answer we have been looking for!!! We are a non-profit developer organization using Google Sites to create a new website (badly needed). Our org supports 4 separate user groups and we were ‘stuck’ trying to figure out how to utilize a single Google calendar to support all of our groups at once.

    This feature, coupled with RSS feeds from Meetup where our meeting info is maintained, will allow us to make the new website happen in no time. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  62. Cat

    I keep getting the following error: Failed to import events: Unable to process your iCal/CSV file..

    Any suggestions?

  63. Chet King

    I had created a second calendar in Google besides my default calendar, but then decided that the second one was unnecessary and should be merged with my default calendar. Followed these instructions and then deleted the second calendar. Can’t even tell that the second one ever existed now! Great tutorial!

  64. kst

    Another trick is to share the calendar with your other gmail account. Both calendars now have the same display of events.

  65. Kurt Riegel

    This appears to merge the calendars, once, but how can I keep the same merged account continuously up-to-date?
    I have two Google accounts each with a calendar.
    I want to merge both calendars into a single calendar which looks the same to both accounts.
    Can this be done, and how?

  66. pa2k

    Thanks for this. Worked fine, although I had to choose the dropdown menu under “Other calendars” (below “My calendars”) to find the import option.

  67. Gunnar Kelders

    WOW thank you!
    Since Google stopped supporting Google Sync for BlackBerry I had a major problem getting my schedule displayed on my BlackBerry 9900.
    This phone only supports online sync for Google Agenda (only my personal agenda, not imported/internet agendas) and not for Outlook..

    Now that I know this method I can finally get my schedule into my personal agenda and get it also on my BlackBerry!!
    I can’t wait to get rid of this phone and get myself a Samsung Galaxy S4 btw (:

  68. Shawna

    step 3 didn’t work…my calendar doesn’t display the Add option. so I am still stuck with two calendars

    1. Ellyennej

      I am having the same problem.
      I’m trying to sync an Outlook calendar with Google calendar then with my phone.
      I get the same error message:
      Failed to import events: Unable to process your iCal/CSV file..
      Error at line 4686: Expected [VEVENT], read [VCALENDAR]
      Any clue to what’s wrong?

  69. travis

    completely different layout now. here is instructions with screenshot.

    I am going to merge “My Meetups” calendar into “T” calendar

    1. click calendar you want to merge – in this example – “My Meetups” calendar
    2. click ical and download the basics.isc file
    3. Under My Calendar click “Settings”
    4. In calendar settings press the “Import calendar” box
    5. upload the basics.isc file aking sure that the target calendar is choosen.

  70. Peter

    Is it possible to merge two Google calendars which are under two separate Google IDs that I have and then updating either one will update the other as well

  71. Tracy

    I have the same problem, I have 2 Google Calendar accounts but want to merge into 1 to be used by 1 Google calendar android app? but see both calenders without seeing 2/3 event lists of the same thing…

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