Madlibs for a world gone mad

Dear { Relationship },

{ Emotion } on the recent { victory | loss } for { Addressee’s Political Party } in the 2008 American general election.  I hope the long road to this { extreme adjective } night has been a fulfilling experience for you, as you told off those { derogatory adjective } { other political party members } with your cunning words, clever rhetoric, and inescapable logic time and time again.  The next four years are certain to be a validation of all your { hopes | fears } as the next administration { saves the world | sells our childrens’ souls }.

Between now and the next election, I have just a few small favors to ask:

Grow up.  Be responsible.  Admit your mistakes and work through them constructively.  Work with your fellow citizens, in spite of your political differences, to address the critical issues plaguing our society.

America needs, in some sense, to be reset, and it’s going to take serious hard work at every level to do it.

Please help.

2 thoughts on “Madlibs for a world gone mad

  1. Colin M Post author

    I am the original author, if that’s what you mean. I was trying to get it written so I could post it after the polls closed but before the election was called, but there was no such gap this year. I mean it to be party-agnostic, such that the same madlib would apply no matter who won.

    On the other hand, I definitely did not make up the need for the voting population of America to all start acting like adults again, instead of squabbling 10-year-olds.


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