Monthly Archives: January 2007

Stupidest Software Packaging Ever

I thought I was buying this brand-new for $0.01 back around Black Friday, until I realized (after I had submitted the order and they had billed my card, aka “too late”) that one $20 rebate was actually an upgrade rebate. Oops. So Fry’s got $20 for it instead of $0.01. Oh well.

None of that back-story can excuse this:

Yes. That’s a hinged computer software box. There is little more to say. I’m sad. : (

Playing catch-up

It seems that it has been a while since I’ve posted here. I’m going through a bunch of pictures from the past month at the moment, so I will start posting some things up as I encounter them.

Here’s a general summary of what I’ve been up to:

  • I finished my last final exam at about 8:30pm Friday, December 22nd, finally starting my winter break
  • My family picked me up in Madison on Saturday morning and we went out to South Dakota to visit my Grandma and my dad’s sister’s family. That’s the location of my previous post with the Christmas lunch
  • On the way home on the 26th, we stopped in Abbotsford, WI, to visit my other Grandma and one of my mom’s brothers’ family.
  • Back home, I finished Christmas shopping for my family on the 27th, (talk about last-minute shopping… actually, the sales are a really great way to shop. I’d strongly consider it next year.), and then later that day we had our family Christmas.
  • Thursday Jared, Scott, Ashley, Angela, and I went out to eat down at Hudson’s to catch up a bit, and then Friday Jared had a party with more high school friends, and Saturday Jared and Scott and I held a LAN party in my basement, complete with Figaro’s pizza
  • Since then I’ve pretty much just been hanging out. I spent a couple days designing a bench power supply and picking out all the parts for it. I’ll be sending in an order for those tomorrow, hopefully they’ll arrive in enough time for me to try it out before heading back down to Madison.

I think that’s it for this summary… as I sort my pictures, I’ll post some more.