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Holy crap:

That’s insane. Makes me glad to be living above the ground, though I don’t think my buildling for this upcoming year would have been affected anyway. A bunch of my friends live on that floor though, and their apartment was flooded up to the door handles. Crazy.

In other news, Jeni & Lauren & I went to Vancouver, BC, this weekend. We spent a total of 1.75 hours waiting in line to cross the border. We also walked around downtown Vancouver for about 5 hours. We did not stay for the fireworks, but watched all the people up until that time.

Lauren is headed home on Tuesday… I hope her new apartment is ok! (Not sure where you are located, Lauren…)

Milk was a bad choice.

I’m sorry Jeni… I said that the weather in Seattle was always great and comfortable, and then the weekend Jeni moves up here, we have a record heat wave. Of course, since Seattle “never gets that hot,” people here [read: my apartment complex] have no air conditioning. My roommate tried to buy a fan today, but apparently all the places he stopped were already sold out. We went to play racquetball this evening. It was a good time, except for the fact that it was definitely over 100° in the court. Yuck.

In other news, Jeni & I still managed to tour around Seattle a bit this weekend. We checked out REI, Fremont (including the troll, see pic from my cell phone below), and Gasworks Park yesterday. Then today I showed off the Microsoft campus, and we went to the Factoria mall and Frys. I’d never been in a Fry’s until today, and let me just say: it was cool. Not as cool as the fact that Jeni lives right down in Renton now, but pretty cool. Speaking of which, we also drove past Jeni’s house, down near the Sam’s Club, Walmart and Starbucks. It looks good from the outside, but it might’ve been a bit weird for me to be there when she was moving in, so I’ll have to visit at a later date.

Schedule for the remainder of the summer:
This week: Lauren comes to visit on Thursday. Saturday & Sunday Lauren, Jeni & I are going up to Vancouver.
Next week: a week of work, with an as-of-yet undetermined weekend.
Week after that: My parents come to visit, maybe we’ll go somewhere on the weekend.
Week after that: My parents go home, I work for a week, and I go home.

I can’t believe the summer went by so fast…
[time to see what we have time to see…]

Battlestar Galactica

Wow. I finished the first season of Battlestar Galactica about 10 minutes ago, and let me just say: awesome.

Anybody who likes Sci-Fi should definitely check it out. Simply incredible.

Now for some racquetball, then maybe I’ll clean my desk off finally, or label all some pictures (I have a lot to sort through… best I can promise is you’ll see them when you see them…), or figure out how to use Quicken, or cook some supper, or maybe I’ll just start in on season 2.

Why do all the cars feel the need to break down at the 520 – 405 interchange??

Seriously, it’s the worst possible place for an accident.

Here’s the situation. 3 lanes comprise 520-W. The rightmost is the carpool lane. 520 crosses a bridge, at the end of which the carpool lane becomes an exit lane for the interchange with 405. Then an on-ramp comes up from the right, which has a carpool lane on the left and a normal car lane on the right (2-lane on ramp). Those merge into one lane, which comes up next to the aforementioned 520 carpool lane-turned-exit lane. Now there are 2 normal lanes, then 2 exit lanes. The rightmost exit lane is 405-N, and the next inward is 405-S.

Seems vaguely reasonable. But then consider the traffic patterns.
First, you have carpool people barreling down the right-hand carpool lane of 520. Now that lane becomes an exit lane for *everyone* going to 405. So all of a sudden a quarter of the highway merges into the carpool lane.
Next, from the right, you have ordinary traffic, most of which is not interested in 405, because they want to take the 520 bridge over to Seattle. So all of these people need to cross from the right through the over-stuffed carpool/exit lane to get to the left.
Plus, all the people in the carpool/exit lane that want 405-N (me) are trying to merge farther right *into* the on-ramp traffic.

Now throw in rush-hour traffic in Puget Sound, and you’re looking at a grim interchange.

Then, for the icing on the cake, toss in a weekly accident complete with 2 cops, a tow truck, and 4 lanes of gawking idiots.

Estimated transit time from Microsoft Building 28 to The Park @ Forbes Creek:
   with no traffic: 15 minutes.
   rush hour traffic: 35 minutes.
   minor accident + 4 lanes of gawking idiots: 1 hour 5 minutes.

Why oh why do they all have to break down right there!?

Where's the restaurant?

For the 4th of July, I took a long-weekend trip to Crater Lake & northern California.

Jeni & I went to Grants Pass, OR, Friday night, and then down to Redwoods National Park on Saturday, where Jon joined us in the afternoon. We checked that out through Sunday, staying in Crescent City, OR, overnight. Then we went back to Medford, OR, stopping at Oregon Caves National Monument en route, where we took a tour through the cave led by a pretty crazy dance major tour guide. Monday Jeni had to work, and Jon and I explored Crater Lake and a few scenic pullouts nearby, including the Rogue River Gorge and Mill Creek Falls. Monday night we all stayed in Medford again, and discussed Minnesota sales tax code. Then Tuesday we all went back to our summer residences to get back to work.

Tuesday night in Seattle I made it back in time to catch the fireworks at Gas Works Park. Pretty awesome… synchronized with music, well choreographed, and even some sweet new ones I’d never seen before, like smiley faces, cubes, and some sort of “Italian Electric Show” that involved dozens of little explosions from one shell.

All told it was a pretty awesome weekend.

More pictures to come when I find my camera’s USB cable, but here’s one that I uploaded on the road (it’s deceptive because of the shadows, but there is exactly ONE tree in this photo):

The trees were large.

Klamath, CA

Just had to make a quick post from Klamath, CA. It’s a tiny little town near the Redwoods National and State Parks, but they have a gas station with free Wifi. So while Jeni is inside getting her coffee, I had to say hi.

(In explanation, Jeni & I are down here in Cali meeting Jon for a short vacation over the holiday weekend)