Monthly Archives: June 2009


I’ve done the whole “stop working out for many months, then start again” thing enough times now that I ought to know the ropes.  It is never as bad working out as I think it might be, and it always hurts more the next day than I remembered.

On the plus side, tonight I biked & ran on some kind of elliptical machine for 35 minutes straight at my “target heart rate”, which I think is longer than I’ve done in several years.  Yes, that’s sad.  I’m working on it.

This dog is a ninja

As in a real ninja.  This dog…

Ninja Dog

…laid carefully in wait for the first 7 minutes 39 seconds of my time lapse video.  He then rose suddenly from his bed, and a mere 42 seconds later…

Ninja Skills

…my surveillance operation had been systematically disabled.

For the remainder of the day, I successfully captured 8,598 photos of the bottom of a chair leg:

My Desk Chair