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I'll miss this garden

I’m moving from the house Jeni and I rented in Lynnwood to an apartment in Redmond this weekend. I’m looking forward to the shorter commute and living nearer to the people I know from work, but there are a lot of things from this house I will be sad to leave behind. One of which is the garden:

Lawn Mowers

I bought a new lawn mower this weekend, as the grass was getting a little out of hand and I apparently did not start craigslisting nearly early enough to get a deal.  I settled on a pretty basic gas push mower that does mulching and rear bagging.  At the time I thought I got a fairly reasonable deal, since self-propelled mowers were significantly more expensive.

But then I came to work this morning, and found out that for only $70 more (disregard the price in this photo: I did not pay $250), Jon got a magic lawn mower that he definitely doesn’t have to push himself:

Elf-Propelled Lawn Mower

Elf-Propelled Lawn Mower

Snow in Seattle is a Big Deal

On Tuesday there were light flurries, which was enough to freak most Washington natives out for some reason:

Tuesday: Just a DustingTuesday: It Barely Colors the Trees

That didn’t make much sense to me.  So I went to work, and again on Wednesday.

Then I woke up this morning (Thursday) to the following:

Thursday: Holy SnowSnowy Parking LotThe Truck Only Made it This Far

You’ll note that the truck in red is stuck.  Blocking half the exit to my parking lot.  Of course, there was only one thing to do:

Build a Snowman!

Build a snowman!  And then, of course, listen for interesting sounds of stranded vehicles.  Who would have thought to catch this one so early?

Neither Rain, Nor Hail, Nor Sleet, Nor Snow...

That’s right.  “Neither rain, nor hail, nor sleet, nor snow…”  Not to fear, a rescue operation soon ensued, involving a special courier delivery of a spiffy set of tire chains and two grunts to shove the truck out of the rut after wrestling the chains on:

Tire chains to the rescueJust Give it a PushAnd We're Back in Business

Don’t worry, he made it.  Oh, and the snowman?  He was buried by 3:30PM…

Away he goes sporting hot new tire chainsBy 3:30PM the snowman was buried.

Yeah.  I think I’ll work from home today.  Did I mention that the entire King County only owns 27 snow plows and 15 dump trucks for over 2100 miles of road?  Compare that to Dane County, WI, which employs 58 plows for county and state highways alone.  Oh, and that’s not counting the “170 pieces of equipment” used by the city of Madison…

Obviously very different in terms of yearly snowfall, but still.  Can you blame me for staying home?

New Apartment in Seattle

Well, I know I’ve done a poor job keeping folks up to date with my goings-on, as several of you had to call me in Seattle just to get me to let you know that I had arrived there.  Sorry about that… lots on my mind 🙂

That said, I had a pretty successful weekend.  I found an apartment up on a hill near downtown Bellevue, but yet not in the city.  Here’s a map.  Before saying any more about it, here a few pictures… (on a geeky note, I’ve been itching to try out ZenphotoPress, the plugin to integrate my new photo gallery with WordPress.  It seems to work quite slick, except that it takes you to the gallery instead of showing a lightbox.  I’ll work on that later.)

New Apartment BuildingNew Apartment ComplexNew Apartment Edge-On

The apartment should be about 15 minutes to work with no interstates.  It’s probably not the best bargain or the newest place or in the location with the most culture in walking distance, but it should be a reasonable spot to start my career in Seattle.  I picked this place over some others I had looked at for its proximity to work without being on the campus, its proximity to Bellevue (which seems to me a little more active like Madison versus the giant suburb of Redmond), and also because it is up on a hill, which attracts me for some inexplicable reason.

I did not pick the place for its internet access, which I initially feared was a shared T1 for the entire complex, but have since come to find is actually cable-based, up to and including allowing me to use my own DOCSIS modem.  That’s reassuring, though the jury is out until I see it in person.  That cable modem might still be fed by too small of a link to the premesis.  DSL is also available if I dislike the cable internet for some reason.  This probably shouldn’t be such a concern for me, but then again, I’m a nerd and like my interwebs to be fast when I want to use them.

At any rate, I think it will be a good spot to start out at, and when I find some better options for living or even for setting up something with roommates through work or whatever down the road, it will be much easier to look into that when I’m doing the looking from the city in question, instead of from 2000 miles away 🙂

For good measure, here’s a few more pictures from the few days my mom and I were out in Seattle:

Work: Building 28Mt. RainierPasta at Pike Place MarketProduce at Pike Place MarketSeaFair PiratesTraveling IKEA Ad

Too Cold For USB

Negative temperatures outside my window are apparently not conducive to electrical continuity in the 30′ of USB extension cables I have jerry-rigged around my living room. Nate couldn’t get anything to print tonight, and after cycling the printer power and printer’s USB connection, I tried the next link in the chain, underneath the heater/AC unit with its vent to the bitter cold. Seemed to be firm when I unplugged it, but popping it back in magically started the printer again.

Coincidence? I fear not…

1:36 AM

Dave turns on the stove & starts some spaghetti. It’s going to be a long night.

End product: Picture of spaghetti with picture of spaghetti. Metaspaghetti? Idk. Too late at night to know for sure.

(Warning: large linked image)

It seems my time-management skills fail me after 1am…


Dave and I pooled our USB extension cords this evening to wire my laser printer to the Myth box by the TV. The result? Approx 20′ of über-USB!

The picture below pretty much says it all. The Myth box is located left of the TV, and the printer is located at the right of the image, at the near end of the couch. The über-USB cable wraps all the way around the room behind the couch, under the window, and behind the TV, for approx 20 feet total. Awesome!

[Large linked file warning: 1.22MB]

From left to right across that picture, the green circles highlight:

  1. The end of one USB extension piece in the Myth box
  2. One of the connections between extension cables
  3. The other end of the über-USB cable in the printer

How nerdy are we?