Monthly Archives: February 2007

Maybe I Should Graduate?

Update: I misread one of the requirements for the Computer Engineering degree. I actually need two advanced elective ECE courses, instead of 1 CS. [/Update]

I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to hang around here for a full 4 years or not…

I ran my DARS (Degree Audit Reporting System) report today to see what’s left for next year. Answer: 3 courses.

I can graduate if I take (Updated):

  • Engineering Professional Development 397: Technical Communication
  • Computer Science 577: Introduction to Algorithms OR Computer Science 520: Intro – Theoretical Computer Science
  • Any one additional Computer Science course numbered over 400.
  • Any two additional Electrical and Computer Engineering courses numbered over 400.

That’s it. I could sleep from now until December 2007 and still graduate. Maybe I should have taken 17 credit semesters and graduated this year?

Now I have to decide what to do: I can easily graduate in December, or I could take a lot of courses that I’m interested in and stick around until May 2008. Any advice?

Too Cold For USB

Negative temperatures outside my window are apparently not conducive to electrical continuity in the 30′ of USB extension cables I have jerry-rigged around my living room. Nate couldn’t get anything to print tonight, and after cycling the printer power and printer’s USB connection, I tried the next link in the chain, underneath the heater/AC unit with its vent to the bitter cold. Seemed to be firm when I unplugged it, but popping it back in magically started the printer again.

Coincidence? I fear not…