Monthly Archives: June 2007

San Francisco!

Powell St Trolley.jpg

Pretty sweet day today: after staying up til 12:30 last night working ahead on my work project and not falling asleep after that due to an americano, I went in to work at 7:15. That was early. :-(. BUT, I got to leave at 1:15 and head out to go touristing with Jeni. We drove to Milbrae Station, where we parked the Jeep for free and caught the Caltrain to San Francisco. We toured Golden Gate Park (No view of the bridge, incidentally), the crazy downtown hills, and walked through part of Chinatown. Pretty sweet. Also, we got to see them setting up for the Apple WWDC next week. That was also pretty sweet. Next up: SFO to fly back to Green Bay tonight for Tracy’s wedding. Jeni doubts my ability to cope with a 3-hr night… and I have to say, it’s going to be interesting. Anyway, keep an eye on my LiveTrip and watch how fast I make the return trip to Green Bay! Attached, a picture of the trolleys in San Francisco.