Flour in the rough

As of 12:30am central time tonight/this morning, Roe Sellery B unofficially began its winter hall decoration festivities. One pissed off house fellow and a giant bag of flour later, the festivities were brought to a halt, though the taste of flour still hangs in the mens’ bathroom air. Hurrah for pissing off the house fellow three days before Halloween, at the so-called “#1 Party School in the country“…

Here’s a glimpse of the pre-winter excitement: (click on the pics for higher-res)

And the best for last; the door on our left is our house fellow’s room. Someone wrote that note up on her board earlier tonight, in an unrelated plea for a more festive hall. I suppose you could call the decoration which was soon to follow “ironic”…

(Witte, for those who aren’t familiar, is another residence hall at UW-Madison.)

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