Christmas Highlights 2005

  • Outscoring Tim 69,630 points to 20,040 in Text Twist, finally losing to “sables.” (Tim had the legitimately impossible word “quoits.” What the hell?)
  • Visiting Grandma Witt’s house, seeing the Joswiaks and Donald Witt family. Getting free wifi off some neighbor’s unsecured network (with better signal strength from next door than I get across the house at home).
  • Finding out at Grandma’s that my mom tried to specify Bowling for Soup’s A Hangover You Don’t Deserve to my aunt for my sister’s gift exchange list by saying it was the album with “1995” and “Always” on it…. The album actually holds “1985” and “Almost.” Nice work mom 😉
  • Christmas at home with amazing prime rib.
  • Heading to the Meyers’ after supper to watch the Packer game and play Scene-it. Those who have ever asked me about any movie will be surprised to learn that between my dad and I, we pretty well dominated the game. Adding in Dan and Randy with some key scores, and the results were Guys: 2, Girls: 0.
  • Teaching Dad to use iTunes to store his CDs on his computer in compressed format. He was pretty impressed with how easy it is to import music, make a playlist, burn to CD, etc. Chalk one up for Apple, despite the ugly compatability-layer bloatedness of iTunes under Windows. He was also very impressed with the high quality iTMS song previews, which sounded great on his Klipsch computer speakers.
  • Transferring some music over to dad’s computer from my desktop by plugging the tower into nothing but the wall & the router, and facilitating the file transfer via Wifi on my laptop. I was very pleased that Gentoo handled the new network environment without a blink.
  • Jalapeno beef sticks from Maplewood Meats
  • A CD of better flamenco music than we found to buy while in Spain

That’s all I can think of at the moment. It’s great to be home with the family again, and to have nothing to do. Just waiting for the grades to come in, and my break will be perfect…

Merry Christmas everyone!

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