LAN Party

It’s been far too long since we last had a LAN party, so Jared, Scott, TJ, Adam and I got together in Scott’s basement for a long-overdue fragfest. We played Quake 3 Arena for maybe 3 hours or so, and then switched over to Day of Defeat (original mod, not Source, since Valve wants $20 for DoD:Source… bastards). All of the games ran fine for me on my linux box with Cedega (I still haven’t gotten around to getting Windows XP installed), and with help from some quick searching by Adam, even got the native Quake 3 client up and running. It was an excellent time all around, especially since we had at least 7 computers wired up for the 5 of us. I should have taken a picture.

Only downside was having to bring a can of Campbell’s over for my supper, though I did manage to get two slices of pizza down as well. My gums are a little angry about that today though… Only other downside was not being able to drive up Jared’s driveway to drop him off at the end of the night. Don’t know about all of you, but here in Green Bay we got a big slush storm that resulted in several inches of nasty crap on the roads that immediately turned to ice when you drove on it. Needless to say, we took the second, gravelled, driveway into Jared’s place instead, after some exciting slipping back down onto Greenfield Ave.

Happy New Year to everyone!

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