How many is too many?

How many cables is too many?
I know I haven’t put anything up here in a while… Mostly that’s because I haven’t finished unpacking here in Madison yet. Here’s one of the reasons why I’m not done:

[click to enlarge]

That was taken at 12:30 the night before I came back. I didn’t get to bed ’til about 3:30, slept to 8:00, then got up and finished packing. After taking that picture, I went back up to my room, realized that I had forgotten, among other things, my good keyboard and mouse, my subwoofer, the towers for both my computers (rather important), and all my clothes. I had a bit of work to do. Start packing earlier than I, folks.

How many courses is too many?
I had my first and last CS 537 (Operating Systems) lecture of the semester today. I would love to take that class, because operating systems really interest me, but unfortunately I am not going to have time. With it, I would have 5 classes and a lab for 17 credits. Plus having to basically teach myself CS 577 (Algorithms) for the ACM ICPC. Not going to happen. Without it, I have 4 classes and a lab for 13 credits. A lighter load than what I can handle, but factoring in the programming competition, I think it’s the way I need to go. On the upshot, that leaves me with only two classes per day, plus a lab every other week. So I should have enough free time to make some progress on things like the fountain server.

I have more stuff I’d like to put up here, such as the picture below of an impressive design/marketing feat Ziploc thought up to decorate my ham & scalloped potatoes from Mom. Hopefully I’ll get around to that in the near future, but first I need to finish unpacking so it doesn’t take 3 weeks like it did last semester. . .

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