In the pipeline

  • I had a job interview today with Heartland Business Systems in Little Chute (just north of Appleton). The interview went very well and the internship opportunity available at Heartland sounds very cool. I’m hoping to hear back within a few weeks on whether they will take me on this summer. It would be awesome if they did; the stuff I would be doing and getting to learn would be awesome.
  • Tim and I are working out the details of a Bluetooth SNES Controller. We found a Bluetooth chip from National Semiconductor, the LMX9820A, which will perform the conversion from UART to Bluetooth.
  • I’ve rebuilt my MythTV computer from scratch over the past few days, and plan on finishing up the software installation and configuration tomorrow. It’s looking better than ever, and will hopefully now include support for ripping DVDs and CDs automatically, and emulating everything under the sun for some retro gaming with the SNES controllers I just bought. (Did you know you can wire those directly into your computer’s parallel port, as well as PSX, Genesis, NES, and a whole bunch of other controllers?)
  • Along with rebuilding that MythTV computer, I’m planning on setting it up as my primary server. Maybe I’ll actually host something at for a change… I’ve had that domain name quite a while without really using it for more than DNS resolution. Look for my blog to move over there in the future- I played with WordPress 2.0 a bit, and it looks really slick.

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