Autologout on a Mac

So here’s a tip for anyone who can’t figure out why their Mac keeps logging itself out unexplainedly without warning or permission. Short answer: it’s your fault (not to name any names, Colin). You should really read the boxes you click on. Such as the one in the pic below, from the “Security” page of the System Preferences. I thought I was reenabling the setting where it asks you for your password when you want to bring it out of sleep or the screensaver. Turns out I actually clicked the box farther down that automatically logs you out after X minutes of inactivity. So the unexplained “rebooting” that I thought was going on? Entirely my fault, and not actually rebooting. That’s what finally tipped me off to the System Preferences: I logged back in one time and ran uptime to show a friend that the computer had just rebooted itself. Turns out it actually hadn’t, which was when I realized it was just logging out. A quick Spotlight search within the System Preferences pane later, I found the applicable setting: (Make sure you UNcheck this.)

In other news, “the pulse” on facebook reports that 9% of girls and 16% of guys are looking for a relationship. That’s a problem for guys, because if I did the math right, and I like to think that I did, in order for those numbers to match up, the UW needs to be 64% female, 36% male. According to, it’s more like 55% female, 45% male. Fortunately, the 9% and 16% stats are from Facebook, and I can say for a fact that not everyone has their stats counted. I don’t, for one. (Not that counting me would move the ratio in the right direction.) Just thought that was interesting, and I couldn’t help running the math.

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