Wow. So I haven’t posted anything in nearly two weeks. To anyone who actually attempts to read this, I apologize.

So what’s been up with me in the interim?

Well, I can barely even remember. I’m frankly rather shocked that it’s already Friday night again… last Friday seems like just a couple minutes ago, a couple days at most.

To start at the beginning, I posted last the Sunday last Sunday succeeded (If you work through that carefully, I think it actually makes sense. I hope). During that week my time magically disappeared into the Engineering Career Services Career Fair, as well as some homework assignments that I routinely forgot about until right before they were due. The career fair was a bit of a short-notice engagement that I didn’t really start preparing for until the day before. (Don’t ever do that.) Nonetheless, I think that it went pretty well. I’m definitely glad to have gone, for the experience even if nothing else comes of it for this summer. Since the fair, I’ve been learning just how involved a job search is, what with contacting prospective employers, arranging interviews, having interviews, retyping my resume more times than I can count, in more ways than I care to contemplate, etc. For details on what options might come out of said job search, drop me an email or IM sometime; I’m not sure that this is the appropriate forum for any sort of enumeration.

Other than the career fair, we had our first ECE 351 lab in the middle of not last week, but the week before, [which reminds me that I need to do the prelab for the next lab by the end of the weekend. Oops.] The lab was not precisely thrilling (measuring voltage transfer characteristics and propagation delays of inverters, anyone?), but it was good to be working with real circuits again, instead of just talking about them in class. Hopefully it will motivate me to take up my infrared decoder project for controlling my speaker system once I get time to breathe again.

Last Sunday my ACM ICPC team began our practices for the World Finals. We’ll be meeting every Sunday until the event, holding mock-contests from noon to 5pm. It was good to get back into coding for that as well, even though we’ll definitely be needing some work. We’re also meeting Tuesdays at 6 with our coaches to talk about strategy, problem-solving techniques, algorithms, etc.

Last weekend was also Khanna’s birthday on Thursday(?) with a delayed celebration, and Jeni’s birthday on Monday. I think it was Saturday night I ended up between Lathrop and the other side of the capitol with Jeni and Erin, which was an extremely welcome diversion from cleaning a desk that I seem to have a mental block against. (Needless to say, it still basks in unrepentant disorder.)

Since that point, it seems like I’ve had little for free time, between Enlight, an ece 353 tutorial, (and an HKN officers’ meeting I couldn’t go to because of those two), my ICPC team meeting (and an HKN-sponsored speaker and a TBP general meeting I couldn’t go to because of that), more job searching/email writing/stuff scheduling, a MKT social with Jared, and then all of a sudden it was today, two weeks later.

Of course, being Friday, I got my weekly ass-kicking in Racquetball delivered, as is the norm, by one Jared Mason, Jr. I think this time I lost roughly 15-9, 15-8, 15-13, or thereabouts… Sorry if those weren’t actually the numbers, Mason. I also got a cool-looking bright red temporary tattoo on the back of my hand, where I hit it so hard with a racquet that the capillaries popped, creating the image of the racquet strings. After that we stopped by Ians for supper and watched a seriously screwed up movie called Audition. Lesson of the night: Japanese movies are messed up.

I think that’s about all that’s happened in the last two weeks… it’s all that I have time to remember, at any rate.

And now I need to sleep.

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