When the red, red, robn comes…

So it wasn’t actually a robin; it turned out to be a finch when I finally located it at the top of the tree by the construction “staging” area across from ERB, but it was still pretty cool to hear as I walked to my interview yesterday. It was at least 30 degrees, and it felt wonderful. Add that to the finch chirping to itself and it’s starting to feel like spring again!

This weekend I’m headed home to Green Bay, with a stop for a job interview in Little Chute on the way home. Hopefully I’ll finally be able to give my sister her Christmas present: we’re going to try and see Rent at the Fox Cities PAC, if it isn’t sold out. I’ll also get to see our newly-finished basement, and my dad’s new TV, which he bought while I was travelling back to Madison last time. So I’m pretty excited about that.

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