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  • My 1GB SD card is full… my camera won’t take any pictures.
  • Birthday updates:
    • Here’s what my door looks like:

      How cute. I’m sure at the beginning of the year I checked “[X] Yes” under “Would you prefer not to have your birthday celebrated by the Hall?” Not that I mind, just that it’s kindof awkward having my door decorated when I had to introduce myself to someone on our floor just yesterday in the elevator, when she realized I had already keyed 9 and must live on the floor. Hrm…
    • In better news, despite being overjoyed every time I was gone for interviews over the past month, Nate (my roommate) doesn’t actually hate me, and, in fact, even devoted some of his precious relaxation time over Spring Break to making me a card to attest to that fact (in crayon, no less):

  • Eating lunch in Pop’s this morning, I overheard the girls behind me (not trying to eavesdrop, just unable to avoid hearing them, seeing as they were loud) discussing the different clubs and orgs that one of them was in. Props to her for starting up a club that was doing something with sending medical information to other chapters of the club in India, to spread real medical facts to impoverished regions there. The other thing I overhead before I left, which made me wonder and was more the point of this bullet, was that she wanted to join some co-ed business frat, for “all the hot, smart business guys” that would be in it. Do girls really go for smart guys? idk.
  • You can install Windows on an Intel-based Mac. When they finish up the video drivers for the x1600 in the MacBook Pro (and if they get 3D acceleration support somehow), that could make for a pretty cool laptop… OSX for normal use, but able to dual boot into XP when needed for specific apps or games. Maybe I’d even buy one in a year or two. We’ll see.
  • Bonus picture as I was cleaning out my camera:

    My sister Kaisa and I on Sanibel Island, FL, (I think) during our family vacation last summer.

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