Oh what a night…

…late December back in ’63…

  1. If you like movies like the original Matrix (my personal favorite movie ever), or Ocean’s Eleven, go see Inside Man. Dumb title, great movie. Jared and I saw that tonight, and wow. I could not have better spent my $5.75. Plus the $0.75 I gave to Jared so he wouldn’t cry about having to carry around change. So, all $6.50 well spent. Go see it; it was amazing; I couldn’t ask for more in a crime/robbery movie.
  2. I finally beat Mason in a game of Racquetball tonight. It’s about damn time. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t win the match. He beat me two out of three straight out of the gate, but I got the third game, and didn’t lose so terribly in the first two this time. That was the first time I’ve won a game this semester: how pathetic.
  3. Memphis sucks. I really needed them to win today, and they really let me down. Who ever heard of an NCAA Elite Eight game ending 50-45? Nobody. Lowest-scoring Regional Final since at least 1986, i.e., in my entire life. And the stats… I could cry it was so boring. UCLA was like 6 for 19 on freethrows in the first half, and even though they picked it up in the second half, both teams still played terribly. Quote from espn: “Memphis’ only field goal in the first 8:24 of the second half Saturday didn’t even go in the basket. Washington got credit for the points on a goaltending call.” Neither one belongs in the Final Four.
  4. Don’t create a semaphore in Windows with an lMaximumCount of INFINITE. If you do, CreateSemaphore will return you a pleasant ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER (#87), and a NULL handle. Boo. Why can’t I have an infinite semaphore? And don’t give me lame excuses about the need to represent the count in datatypes whose bounds are finite. That’s just a lack of creativity talking.

That’s all for tonight.

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