Battlestar Galactica

Wow. I finished the first season of Battlestar Galactica about 10 minutes ago, and let me just say: awesome.

Anybody who likes Sci-Fi should definitely check it out. Simply incredible.

Now for some racquetball, then maybe I’ll clean my desk off finally, or label all some pictures (I have a lot to sort through… best I can promise is you’ll see them when you see them…), or figure out how to use Quicken, or cook some supper, or maybe I’ll just start in on season 2.

3 thoughts on “Battlestar Galactica

  1. Jon

    That show is so bad.

    By bad I mean addicting such that you just watch it until you’ve gone through the entire thing. Pretty soon you wonder where your freetime was. The only thing better recently is Firefly


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