Holy crap:


That’s insane. Makes me glad to be living above the ground, though I don’t think my buildling for this upcoming year would have been affected anyway. A bunch of my friends live on that floor though, and their apartment was flooded up to the door handles. Crazy.

In other news, Jeni & Lauren & I went to Vancouver, BC, this weekend. We spent a total of 1.75 hours waiting in line to cross the border. We also walked around downtown Vancouver for about 5 hours. We did not stay for the fireworks, but watched all the people up until that time.

Lauren is headed home on Tuesday… I hope her new apartment is ok! (Not sure where you are located, Lauren…)

2 thoughts on “Waterworld

  1. Craig

    Yeah, the weather was crazy. About 12 people had their cars damaged or destroyed due to the rain at GE. My car was safe. 🙂

  2. lb

    my new apartment survived unscathed. actually, so did the old one. they are both on the top floor of their respective buildings.


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