Battery Recall

Well, it only took 3 attempts, but DHL and I finally connected today to deliver my new PowerBook battery. This one replaces the recalled one my computer is currently discharging into a safe-for-shipment state.

An interesting note about the recall shipment process: the new battery arrived via DHL. In the box was a FedEx prepaid shipping label, and directions that indicated I should use the FedEx sticker in the US, while Canadian recall participants would be provided with a UPS sticker. Who would have thought you could get all three (DHL, FedEx, UPS) in one transaction? Impressive.

From the letter accompanying my replacement battery:

Tips for faster discharge: Play a DVD movie, a CD in iTunes (turn on the Visualizer), or the Chess game (set to play computer vs. computer).

Haha, awesome: Apple just instructed me to play computer vs. computer chess as part of a battery recall.

As a matter of fact, I think I shall… as well as enjoying as much of Inside Man as I can watch in the remaining 12 minutes of this battery’s life.

Au revoir, my somewhat-abused-and-less-than-loved-for-being-ridiculously-hot Sony-manufactured debacle of a battery.