Oh Dreamhost…

I clicked on the magic little “Upgrade to v2.2” button next to my WordPress installation in Dreamhost’s control panel. Now, ordinarily, I rather like their little “One-click Installs,” as they’re pretty convenient and do all the grunt work for you of setting up databases, extracting archives, etc. But not today. When I logged in last night, I noticed that WordPress 2.2 was released, adding some new gizmos and gadgets, and more importantly, promising to be ever faster on page loads.

So why not? I’ll upgrade!

Login to panel.dreamhost.com, open my One-click Installs, and click (once 😉) on the upgrade button. The next page pops up and says they’ll perform the upgrade within 5-10 minutes, but I should be aware that any customizations to plugins or skins may need to be reinstated.

Wait. What? Dammit!

So, so far I’ve noticed that my random quote thingy is gone, I’ll have to track that down and get it reinstated… now I’m just hoping that I won’t find that all my plugin customizations have been reverted, too. Maybe its time to redesign this site a bit, in honor of summer and having free time 🙂

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