3pm: Passed out on couch. Please do not rouse until tomorrow.


Excellent chicken parmesan with Stef & Dave
Homework during day, Halo 3 launch at midnight. Played until 7am
Sleep 7am to 10am, class 11am to 3pm, short nap, Enlight meeting, 4 more hours of Halo, 2 hrs of Algorithms homework
Sleep 2am to ?, class, compilers HW, make a calendar merging program to display my life on the web: my calendar, Algorithms HW 3:30p-5:30p, supper, Algorithms HW 6:30p-3:45a.
Sleep 4a-8a, Algorithms HW 8a-11a, class, Algorithms HW 12p-1p, class, handin (!) Algorithms HW, Google tech talk, Grab sub on the way to work on compiler project, Hang out w/ Dave & Stef (thank heavens, or i’d have gone insane), then do DSP HW 11p-3a
Sleep 3a-9a, Dave wakes me up cuz i told him i wanted to go to the prof’s OH, do that, finish 431 assignment by class at 11, then finish compiler project 12-1:30p, another Google tech talk, Write blog post, Pass out.


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