Learning to Read…

(Walk to class)
(Sit down, open laptop)
(Watch and smile as automatic location detection by MarcoPolo determines that you’re now on Campus, and calls your PERL script to automatically authenticate with the captive portal)
(Smile more as Adium establishes connections and brings your IM online. The script worked!)
(Pull up calendar, news reader, and SVN repo config page)
(Grab notebook from backpack absently)
(Create a new repo to start storing your home directory in: long past due to back up some things)

Anonymous classmate: “Do you think this was the lecture he said was canceled?”

(Look up, confused. There are 3 minutes to class time, and only maybe 10-12 people in the room, instead of 50ish)

All: “What?”


(Pull up course homepage, note news item: “Reminder: There will be no class tomorrow, September 13.”)

(sad face)

(inform the next 6 people who walk into the room of the news… chuckle over collective mistake)

(go home early đŸ™‚ )

3 thoughts on “Learning to Read…

  1. Paul Betts

    Putting your home directory in SVN is a giant pain-in-the-ass, don’t do it; too many programs touch random files for it to be useful.

    If you want to do this, instead pick a handy subfolder, like Documents, then set up symlinks to non-Document folders you want to back up (ie move ~/AppSettings/Adium/Logs to ~/Documents/IM Logs, then ln -s ~/AppSettings/Adium/Logs ~/Documents/IM Logs)

  2. Colin M Post author

    Yeah, I just found MarcoPolo a few days ago myself, while trying to find a hook somewhere for running the authentication script. Pretty handy.

    I like the Docs idea: i was trying to figure out how to manage the huge number of files I would be ignoring from SVN while versioning my entire home directory. The symlinks are a clever trick as well, thanks!

    The key for me is just to have some sort of manageable offsite backup, and the versioning seems like a nice plus. I think I recall you are using Unison? or maybe just rsync? How is that working out?


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