Jared and I beat the Onion crossword this morning, and I am embarassed to have to tell Scott that he had to pull out DIGG for this clue that I couldn’t figure out. “If one were to —, one would get articles about crazy online personal ads” Nice work Jared!

[Update 10.4.07]: So it seems putting dashes in my post title on my phone is a bad idea… I missed the fact that this post was titled “T” instead of the correct title it now has for two solid days… oops. Moral of the story: dashes are for categories on Postie. 🙂

2 thoughts on “D-I-G-G-C-R-A-I-G-S-L-I-S-T

  1. Colin M Post author

    lol, didn’t even think of some context there… no, that’s not what i meant at all- i posted this clue because Scott is a huge digg fan, and i didn’t even make the connection, but jared did.


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