It's a long story.

Cop Car Back Seat.jpg

There are no seatbelts and no leg room in the back of a squad car.

[Update 2-12-2008 02:37: As Jason notes, it would probably be appropriate for me to mention that we did not, in fact, get arrested. Though it was really fun to post that from my phone đŸ™‚ In reality, the officer was keeping us warm in his squad car while we waited for a tow truck to arrive to pull Ashley’s poor Beetle to a mechanic for a little TLC. So no crazy arrest story… sorry! Just a tiny bit of good luck in an otherwise pretty rough day, in that we happened to break down in a tiny patch of “The Middle Of Nowhere” that actually had cellular reception. [/Update]

5 thoughts on “It's a long story.

  1. Jason

    You know, this is one of those times you put a little caption that says “don’t worry, we *weren’t* arrested.” Otherwise family and friends tend to assume the opposite with a picture like this. đŸ™‚


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