Latest Programming Accomplishment: Picture Processor

I just wanted a brief, self-congratulatory post since I finished my CS 559 graphics program that I mentioned a night or two ago. It works pretty dang sweet, and despite the fact that a “couple” other programs out there already do this stuff and a heck of a lot more (like, oh, Photoshop, The GIMP, etc), I’m still pretty proud to say that 100% of the code that made these pictures was written by me 🙂

Definitely look at these at their full size (click on them), they’re not very impressive as thumbnails. (And that spin one is not impressive ever, but that’s ok. It serves a different purpose.)

Pictures Created By Me

  1. Assignment: Create an image of yourself in a place you’ve never been. Of course, I am a nerd, and a huge fan of a particular movie. So the logical conclusion:
    A Place I've Never Been: In the Matrix
  2. Demonstrate Sharpening and Blurring. I turn to everyone’s favorite College of Engineering icon, incidentally covered in a light bit of ice, courtesy of Enlight:
    Sharpening & Blurring
  3. Demonstrate Image Rotation and Composition. I took a red checkerboard background, created an image of a single line, and then made lots of rotated copies of it:
  4. Demonstrate Nonphotorealistic / “Painterly” Rendering. Once again, our favorite College of Engineering icon jumps in as a model. The top picture is the original, the bottom left is the painting type we were required to do (circle brushes), and the bottom right is an extra painting type that I created (custom brush, in this case, an X shape).
    Painterly Rendering