Graphics Project Completed

So it turns out you can actually do a 3-week project the day before it’s due, still do a decent-enough job, and turn it in on time. Though, you may need to commit 8am Sunday straight through to noon on Monday to do it, with perhaps a break from 6:15am to 8:15am for some shut-eye.

Yeah, In retrospect, it was a terrible idea. But, here are some screenshots! (Yes, I know my art skills leave something to be desired… but the algorithmic parts [fractal mountains, sqrt(3) subdivision of arbitrary meshes, etc] are good!)

City in the Sky

Sqrt(3) Subdivision

Helicopter & Sky (the helicopters take off, fly to random helipads, and land, all on their own 🙂 )

Environment-Mapped Sphere

Overhead Map View

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