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In the two weeks since I returned from my extended vacation in England, I’ve put a fair bit of work into tying up some loose ends from Enlight before I move out to Seattle. One of those loose ends was tidying up our website, which I present to you now:

In fact, I actually created two websites recently. The second website I’ve put together is closely related, and is the new web home of the Maquina Project:

The Maquina Project

Both pages are set up using WordPress on IIS 6 with PHP via Microsoft’s FastCGI module. It was an interesting install… a bit more involved than when I’ve done it under Apache in the past, but successful nonetheless. (If you’re looking to do the same (IIS 6 + PHP + WordPress), I would refer you to these two helpful articles on WordPress on IIS and Using FastCGI to Host PHP Applications on IIS 6.0)

The theme for both pages is Cutline, by Splashpress Media, with a fair bit of additional tweaking of my own. For instance, I removed all the “Blog-looking” stuff (essentially, the entire sidebar and comments) from the static pages, and rewired the links on top so that the news updates (blog posts) would look more like just another page.

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